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About the Artist

Paul Guidry is a direct descendant of the deported Acadians who settled in St. Martinville, Louisiana, in 1764. He grew up in southern Louisiana in a farming family who spoke Cajun French and suffused its descendants with longstanding traditions derived from their Acadian heritage. Guidry credits his upbringing for the inspiration of his love of nature and wildlife. He began drawing as a small child, learning and perfecting his talent throughout his life. Exclusively an oil painting artist, his love of nature and its surroundings is evident when Guidry extends his brush to canvas and renders a splendid translation. The impressionistic quality of his work is refreshing and spiritually uplifting; the colors soothing, while simultaneously stimulating.

A successful art career that culminates in sharing his vision of the beautiful world around him is Guidry's lifelong dream. His ultimate reward is the moment when people see his artwork and feel it has spoken to them in a special way. It is that exceptional moment that transcends between the artist's hands and the viewer's heart, when no words are needed to reach a complete understanding--- Guidry's true measure of success.

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